Global Processing L.L.C’s is the most reliable supplier for quality and quantity of Barium Sulphate Functional Fillers and Extenders. The various grades offered for Barium Sulphate are customized as per customers' specific needs and applications.
It is the only sulfate-type extender. It is chemically inert and quite insoluble in water whereby it finds application in chemical resistant high-performance coatings. The pigment is easy disperser with low abrasive properties along with high refractive index for an extender. Global Processing L.L.C’s products are manufactured from high whiteness, low silica, high purity natural Barium Sulphate. Our grades offer benefits like Ti02 spacing, reduction of resin / solvent demand, as a functional filler (bulking properties) and to enhance the full brilliance of colored pigmented surface coating. Global Processing L.L.C’s Barium Sulphate finds application in anti-corrosion paints, industrial paints and coatings for building and construction.

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