Urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer in the world. It is effective on all crops, including regions with a warm climate. Urea is a synthesized organic molecule that is easily accessible to plants and can be absorbed by all parts of plants, both roots and vegetative mass. Therefore, urea is effective for main application and as a top dress, both independently and in tank mixtures with microelements and plant protection products.
Soil pH increases during the urea hydrolysis reaction, which allows granular urea to be used effectively on acidic soils, for fertilizing rice fields, for nitrogen fertilizing cereals, technical crops and horticulture.
Bulk density and granule size allow urea to be included in the composition of fertilizer blends and provide uniform distribution over the soil surface.

Fraction of total mass of granules measuring:
under 1 mm – 2 %, max
2 mm to 5 mm - 95 %, min
Under 6 mm – 100%
Static strength of granules, kgc/gr – 2.5, min
Free flowing, treated with anti-caking agent.

Pure fertilizer with 99% content of mono-component urea.
Granule size allows for bulk mixtures with other fertilizers.
Granule strength prevents dusting and product losses during processing.
100% water soluble fertilizer.

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