The diversity of needs and end applications, demand a thorough knowledge of silica’s nature and quality.
Global Processing LLC has built strategic Partnership with the mine owners to ensure consistency and priority supply for its volume consumers. With years of experience working closely with the Technical Departments of our customers, we are able to achieve and deliver innovative products that meet the exacting needs of our customers.
The Silica Sand is Washed and Dried and other value addition processes undertaken to enhance its quality, gradation etc.
The processes used are Attrition Scrubbing / Washing / Drying / Gradation / De-ironizing etc. With its many years of supplying Silica Sand to various application, we are the preferred supplier for Silica Sand for Quality and Quantity.
Global implements effective, competitive logistics to ensure reliable and timely deliveries. We supply in 25 Kg / 50 Kg / 1.5 mt to 2 Mt Bulk Bags and Bulk Loads with self-tipping tippers.

Area of application:
Equestrian Race Track Application.
Artificial Synthetic turf Fields
Golf Course.
Foundry Industry
Glass manufacturing Industry.
GRP Pipe Manufacture
Oil Fields
Ceramic Industry.
Paint Industry
Water Purification Industry.
Construction Chemicals Manufacturing.

Silica Sand for Equestrian / Artificial Synthetic Turf Sports Field Infill
We are the premium, quality silica sand infill supplier for the Sports field and Equestrian track. Having worked closely with various International consultants and track laying expert companies along with our in-house expertise, we are the premium supplier for the Equestrian sand application. We ensure that you will be receiving quality silica sand suitable for this industry and as per Specifications.

Golf Course Industry:
We cater for golf courses to supply Specialty Silica.
We have several different grades of sand available for golf courses such as :
Custom blended Sand
Bunker sand
Dry greens top dressing sand

Foundry Sand:
Global Processing L.L.C offers the high purity washed and dried round grain silica sand which is ideal for all types of Foundries. Due the grain shape and high-purity silica, this results in low binder percentages for cores and molds. High Refractoriness due to high purity silica sand of 99.8 % SiO2. The silica Sand is washed and dried to ensure better coating of the Binder to the grains. The blending system incorporated results in consistent grade of silica. Another advantage which helps the customers lower their inventories is due to local processing and stocks.

Glass Sand:
Most rigid industry based specification allow silica sand to be used in making glass. Small amounts of impurities like iron, manganese, chromium, calcium, or aluminum, can alter the color and effect in production of Glass. The glass industry has established different standard specifications for the silica sand intended for different types of glass. The requirements for these grades of silica sand are set out in BS 2975:1988, British standard methods for sampling and analysis of glassmaking sand (BS 2975)2.
The glass sand require
(a) maximum silica levels;
(b) Minimum levels of aluminum, iron, chromium, copper, cobalt, nickel and vanadium;
(c) minimum alkali levels;
(d) minimum losses on heating; and
(e)Consistent particle size distributions.

As per the specific glass application the limits of the above parameters are specified and maintained accordingly.

GRP Pipe:
The silica sand supplied and used as filler in the GRP Industry is inert, free of inorganic material with High Silica content with pH at 7. The silica sand is tested and supplied as per customer specification for the gradation curve.

Oil Field:
We supply Frac Sand as per the A.P.I. specification and Supply Silica Flour Grades.

Ceramic Application:
We are the major supplier to the Ceramic Industry, both in UAE and Oman.

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